Lol sry byeeeee (also apologies all if this list is a little niche) (here u go @swongalong all my surprises have been completed. I did write this on the bus over as promised)
  1. Get better
    Drink your creepy wellness tea
  2. Sleep
    Go to bed at a time that is not considered AM
  3. Go to a movie by yourself
    Go all the way with your aloneness
  4. Clean your room
    Which is never dirty by my atrocious standards, but whatever floats your highly regimented boat
  5. Do homework in a nice cafe
    There are so many! Eat a damn croissant with your social entrepreneurship work
  6. Apply to some jobs/internships
    Keep that momentum going! Use that website to apply to a whole bunch
  7. Go for a walk
    It's supposed to be relatively warm/sunny this weekend
  8. Steal your roommates' clothes and use your duvet stuffing to make dolls to sit on the couch with you
    Their names shall be Meslie and Laggie
  9. Get the stove to work
    Idk what the status is there
  10. Bake a ton of sugar-free things for your annoying fasting roommate
  11. Go live in your sister's gorgeous apartment that is made for actual living unlike our little shoebox
    Hang out with your sister while she does cool work
  12. Go to food places you've been meaning to go to
  13. Fulfill all your list requests
  14. Send list requests
  15. Clean the shower