Inspired by @amieshmamie list o questions! Disclaimer: I went to NYU & moved back here in September after another year in CA. I'm not a ~born and raised~ New Yorker or anything.
  1. What is your favorite movie based in NYC?
    I don't know if I can pick a favorite, but most recently, I loved the depictions of the city in A Most Violent Year, Mistress America, Birdman, and Inside Llewyn Davis. Obviously love any Woody Allen perspective as well.
  2. What is your favorite TV show based in NYC?
    Broad City feels most accurate/is hilarious. Mindy Project makes me feel like I'm in on the lives of the well groomed people wearing nice coats on the subway. I also love Louie!
  3. Do you often go through Central Park or is that only for tourists?
    I walk through it whenever it makes sense to (I live downtown so that's not too often). I also love to lay on the rocks after a nice rainfall. It definitely is a tourist hub, but it's hard to ignore the beautiful center 6% of Manhattan! The reservoir is my favorite place to run.
  4. When people visit you, what is your favorite thing to show them?
  5. What's the best part about living there?
    All the stuff is here. ALL of it. Opportunities galore. Also I can order empanadas at 3AM.
  6. What's the worst part about living there?
    As a native Southern Californian, cold weather (sometimes)
  7. Does it smell really awful in summer?
    Yes. Mostly. But everything is so sticky and gross from the humidity that you don't really care (I used to take courses in New York in the summer throughout high school—I fell in love with the city in the summer so all that doesn't bother me now)
  8. Have you ever seen a window unit AC or piano fall from a tall apartment building?
    AC unit yes! People don't bother to install/take care of them correctly 🙃
  9. Do you feel mostly safe?
    Yes! In most areas, people are out walking around at all hours, so you know someone always has an eye on you. I felt significantly less safe in LA because everyone's in their cars all the time. If you are on the street alone at night, chances are, you're alone 😬
  10. Do you ever see famous people?
    Haha, never seen Jon Stewart but I almost head-butted Alec Baldwin when I lived on his street. Yes many celebrities all around
  11. Do you ride the subway to work?
    Right now, my day job is within walking distance, which is awesome. But for any other work I do, I'm usually taking the subway!
  12. Do you love it or hate it? (the subway)
    Love it! You can read or zone out and get to where you need to be. Allows you to walk a lot, which I love. Hate train delays (often). Holidays, weekends, and rush hour can be a nightmare. But otherwise it's staggeringly large and very empowering
  13. If someone mentions Subway, the restaurant, do you just for a second think they're talking about the transportation system and get very confused?
    Hahaha this did happen once, but in California, because here, most people refer to it as "the train"
  14. Which season is your favorite?
    This is cheating but I love those two days of peak fall and peak spring. They're there and it's perfect and beautiful and then they're gone
  15. Do you hope someday to be in the Cash Cab?
    I toooootally hoped for this as a kid!! Too poor for too many cabs now :) but I think it got cancelled anyway which is sad
  16. Is Cash Cab still a show?
    Oh hey I googled it and it went off-air in 2012 rip
  17. Have you ever walked home so late at night/so early in the morning that there is hardly anyone else out and it feels like you have the city to yourself and was it very magical?
    Even starting my workday at 7AM has me greeting the cronut waiting line before sunrise. The closest thing I've experienced to that was when I took a very emotional phone call and it was cold and snowing a little and walked all the way to Times Square on a Sunday night and no one was there and it was amazing (so basically yes). But I hope to feel more of this when I move out of such a busy area because the little tastes of this are the best (like sunrise after an all-nighter in college, yum)
  18. Have you experienced the flour stuff in the air next to a bakery like in You've Got Mail?
    No 😪
  19. Are there really rats around?
    Yes, many. Some are cute, though 🐀
  20. How many square feet is your apartment?
    I honestly have no idea. It's very small. My roommates guess 500 sq ft. It's a 3br and our couch is in the kitchen. It's all about location for me!
  21. If you knew someone was moving to the city, what piece of advice would you give them?
    Assuming you're able to spend time in the city beforehand, put in the work to find a no-fee apartment or else you'll be putting up 12-15% of a year's rent. We got ours down significantly, but I still think about that chunk of change.
  22. Can I come visit?
    Always 🙌