One thing I miss about Southern California is having a car. It's like a little moving pod space all to yourself. When you don't have that, where can you cry and still be out in the world? I've been working on this list for a couple years and @chanellediaz asked me to post it today. Here are some faves. Happy crying!
  1. Morningside Park
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    Be in touch with nature and ponder the weird divide between Columbia & Harlem. Or just climb the thousands of stairs until your body just can't keep in the tears anymore. (Feat. @carlynkane)
  2. Basement of McNally Jackson
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    So there's this chair that's usually in the biographies corner that's an A+ curl up and cry spot. No one is ever down there for too long because there's terrible/nonexistent cell service.
  3. Corner of Kaffe 1668
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    It's so dark and cozy in the back corner. Everyone around you is pretty much guaranteed to be ultra wealthy. Let the tears flow. The sheep will console you.
  4. The N train to Brooklyn
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    Sometimes you need to be in motion to think about how fleeting life is. Solid crying stuff! Take the N to Brooklyn during sunset, and you're in for the cry of your life. If you still feel self-conscious, just remember everyone on your train will leave soon.
  5. Hudson River path
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    Another high-quality sunset-cry locale. Everyone will be running too fast to notice your snot-stained face.
  6. On a Megabus
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    I've done some of my best crying on these double-deckers coming & leaving the city. You're on a bus! It already sucks! What's a tear or two?