Or: Life Highs as a Kid
  1. Last day of school
  2. Going to school on your birthday
  3. Sitting on dad's shoulders
  4. When your parents are involved
    Parent of the day, or whatever
  5. Having something happen and knowing about it because of an older sibling
  6. Really getting in the groove of summer camp
    Actually tech conferences and some music festivals feel like camp
  7. Believing in Santa Clause/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy etc.
    And the anticipation that came waiting for their arrival.
    Suggested by @holly70
  8. When everyone got Valentine's Day cards in elementary school❣
    Suggested by @Ames91
  9. Playing outside until dusk.
    Suggested by @whatsthefracas
  10. Being the coolest kid in class by using the pencil sharpened down to a nub.
    Suggested by @Frink_Daddy
  11. Convincing your parents to take you to Zany Brainy
    Suggested by @caitlinnguyen
  12. The excitement of hearing the ice cream truck coming down your street
    Suggested by @AmyGreenRocks
  13. a free summer with no worries about summer jobs/internships/real jobs/finding a job where you can just truly HANG OUT
    Suggested by @claudiachavira
  14. Collecting lightening bugs (fireflies) and saving them in a jar
    Suggested by @debk922
  15. Falling asleep during a car ride home and being carried inside to bed.
    Suggested by @kmesk