Inspired by @Lisa_Fav. I work early shifts so I try to walk around to get some sun after and not immediately pass out
  1. Hello beautiful Soho. I am ready to walk in you.
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  2. We dehydrated a whole bunch of fruit today at work so I was dreaming of grapefruits all day. Got myself this beauty~ (ft. paint hands)
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  3. Oh hi there
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  4. My roommate and I were trying to go to IKEA in Brooklyn once but got stuck in this traffic and went to Jersey instead
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  5. Trying to catch the sun…😬
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  6. Eeeee
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  7. Just braved my way through a crowd of skater kids
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  8. I see you fall
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  9. Where u at sun
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  10. This is cool I guess
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  11. Eh it aight
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  12. Hi 🗽 (I swear it's smack in the middle of this photo)
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  13. Yay
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  14. Gonna sit on this bench for like an hour thanks for joining👋
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