Inspired by @roaringsoftly
  1. Ladies with PCOS
  2. Anyone who staunchly and unabashedly disagrees with me
  3. Southern Italians
  4. People who've worked retail
  5. Waiters/sales associates/fast food workers who are struggling with their cash register/POS device
  6. Tumblr and Flickr users from before 2009
  7. Beatles enthusiasts
  8. People who read TechCrunch every day, but not out of necessity
  9. Art school dropouts
  10. Christians who don't know when it's the right time to bring it up
  11. Anyone who's run a crowdfunding campaign
    Like in a professional context, not a Gofundme. You can't erase that kind of stress from your past
  12. People who make eye contact in a public place
  13. Social media people
    I went to Social Media Week LA this past year and I'm still not over it
  14. Camera nerds
    Analog or digital!!
  15. People who dive right into real talk in our first conversation
    Literally marry me