I'm at that age where I have that realization, right?
  1. I leave half-consumed coffees in the fridge for too long
    Usually with too much milk. I have always been a black coffee drinker though?????
  2. I recently developed the patience to properly make steel-cut oatmeal
    ~1 hour for grainy mush. For health!
  3. I get just a little bit too obsessed with short-term interests
    See: Breaking Bad magnets on the fridge
  4. My "signature" has turned into a weird connected art piece of my first initial, middle initial, and last name
    My last name is really short so it only feels right
  5. I kind of always reach a point in an argument whERE MY VOICE GETS IN THIS THICK HIGH PLACE AND STAYS THERE
    This is a flaw
  6. I'm simultaneously really into organization and incapable of being clutter-free
    Cleaning is an always activity! Except for that one day every couple weeks where I go ham and get really sweaty from all the decluttering
  7. I use the word decluttering unironically
  8. I have way too high of a tolerance for people I shouldn't be friends with
  9. I like to grocery shop/meal plan with friends
    My dad didn't eat anything green until he met my mom
  10. I repeatedly text "ello" to people who don't respond immediately
    Entirely shamelessly
  11. Jesus person in life, total heathen in movie/tv taste
    I found her sex in the city VHS tapes when I was like 7 and would stealthily crawl behind her armchair after she put me to bed to watch Ally McBeal and she didn't know about either of these things until fairly recently. Also we both like bible studies