I missed my flight this morning. Preparing to spend most of the day in the airport. List therapy is a thing, right?
  1. 8:30 AM: literal zoo. The TSA pre-check line is basically an amoebous mob
  2. 9:00 AM: figured out flight situation. Mentally prepping for the day of standby-bouncing around terminal 5. I'm like a cowgirl except trying to wrangle a seat yee haw
    Mental stability already declining
  3. 9:15 AM: heavily mustached man decides I don't get a second slice of cheese on my breakfast sandwich. He peels it off the grill and throws it back in the cheese pile.
    Thin privilege?? Lack of food sanitation training???? The world will never know
  4. 9:30 AM: spill some coffee on a table. BUT IT'S NOT MY GATE SO I BAIL MUAHAHA
    Not proud of this
  5. 9:45 AM: I take a seat next to a person camping under their Canada Goose
    0% kidding
  6. 10:00 AM: I watch BJ Novak's appearance on CBS this morning! It's everything I could've hoped for.
    Unpopular opinion: I hope everyone joins this app. EVERYONE
  7. 10:20 AM: overhead announcement: "everyone waiting to board flight 1619, we'll be boarding soon. We'll have about…five minutes to board. Wow"
  8. 10:25 AM: overhead announcement: "okay, ladies and gentlemen for flight 1619, once again, please do not block the gate! Stand back, and everyone will get a chance to board."
    This poor guy
  9. 10:30 AM: whoever made this playlist is an angel. Nothing worse than being stuck somewhere with bad music.
    Vaccines, Black Keys covering Buddy Holly, I am thoroughly content
  10. 10:30 AM: balancing between staying alert in case of flight updates and trying to get work done. SO CAFFEINATED
    I'm most productive when I get into this really jumpy passionate zone but as a right-brained gal I'm like don't let me in my zone u feel
  11. 11:00 AM: girl I'm sharing an outlet with is trying to discreetly snapchat. Gurl, it is 2015, selfie that double chin proudly!!
  12. 11:10 AM: my mother's commentary on my situation.
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  13. 11:25 AM: oh god, it's starting. My fate will be decided so soon.
    Leggo, standby flight #1
  14. 11:30 AM: heart is racing. Calming myself with tech articles and airport photos.
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    The light coming through this window is gorg
  15. 11:34 AM: this cartoon by Rick McKee makes me audibly chuckle. I recommend The Week's daily political cartoon emails 💯
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    Why is The Week not on this app yet??? It would be the perfect match. (Edit: 3 hours later, I realize this is a cartoon about a list. The level of meta was entirely unintentional, but can you tell where my head is)
  16. 11:40 AM: one girl from standby just got in! There's hope!
    And a cute dog is boarding! I want in!
  17. 11:51 AM: "Margaret Rheeeeee, please check in at the podium."
    GOD BLESS, ya girl got in. Thanks for being there for me, List App. SEE YOU SOON CA ❤️☀️