Inspired by @hels. Please do tag me if you write one of these.
  1. What to do when you've played the long game for something and then the fruits of your labor are promptly taken from you
  2. Really legit online courses not about coding
  3. Coffee shops below 14th street (Manhattan) that have at least 15 readily accessible outlets
  4. Wildly cheap, functionally unconventional storage solutions for your 600 square foot 3-bedroom apartment
  5. How to survive three months with zero sugar consumption
  6. Ways to get your landlord to do what you want/need
  7. How to make your barista remember you (in a name-and-order way, not a shoot-she's-back way)
  8. Affordable plants that won't die in zero-light conditions
  9. How to deal with fluorescent-lit rooms if fluorescents make you want to throw up
  10. Solid ways to ensure you will never be a slave to Apple (or, how to free yourself from Apple's strong grasp)
  11. Best ways to remember to take a lot of medications multiple times per day
  12. How neon works
    I realize I could google this but I want more fun because clearly my 4th grade science textbook didn't make it stick