Updating as I go~ watch his stream here http://newhive.com/allmymovies (basically Shia labeouf is sitting in a theater for three days straight watching all his movies in reverse chronological order)
  1. I decided I'd go on towards the end-ish because watching his childhood films at the end seems especially impactful
    Like Nymphomanic is risqué but also recent so I want to see what it's like to be there towards the end, during the distant memories and early self u feel me
  2. Got here
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  3. The line is long wow
  4. Lady behind me in line is here on her lunch break
    Which makes sense because how are there so many free adults on a Wednesday
  5. There are scattered cameras & some press is setting up
  6. The line is getting sooooo long
  7. An angelika employee came outside to check it out
    He was amazed—said it's only gotten crazier and crazier
  8. Been here for like a half hour and have moved maybe 20 feet
    Leeeeeave, people! But I am committed to get in
  9. Said press
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    We are now a part of his art
  10. My line buddy went back to work :(
  11. A man just came outside who's been here since 7:30 last night
    He doesn't look ok
  12. I've been tweeted
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  13. Apparently all the movie lists circulating online are all different
    So I guess this will be a surprise
  14. Yeah I totally misread it so I guess we're gonna watch transformers together
    Seriously considering coming back tomorrow though too
    My heart is being warmed
  16. Press lady still trying to nail her intro
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    And a lead-in to the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Interesting relationship with her producer
  17. Are people skipping work for this
    How are there so many adults
  18. It's kind of cold out here
    Keeping my eye on the free movie prize
  19. Press lady pretending to be in line with us for a shot
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  20. My friend got out of class, said hi, decided not to wait, but is getting me halal
    God bless her
  21. 7:30 pm man is getting interviewed
  22. Was told people at the front of the line have been waiting for like ten hours
    Losing faith quickly
  23. Met an artist and a guy on vacation for a week
  24. A man asked us what this line is for and the guy behind me said a Star Wars preview lol
  25. Friend brought me food then left because she was getting evil stares for cutting
  26. They're streaming the feed outside!
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    Well, at least they were
  27. Almost indoors wow
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  28. This girl selfied then bailed
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  29. Inside!!!
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    Transformers masks galore
  30. There's a mask making station
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  31. People took chairs from the cafe and now this poor guy has to take them away
  32. Guy in front of me pitched a scheme to sell our spots to people farther back if we don't get in at a certain time
  33. Phone battery just dropped concerningly low
    Texting friends to help sos
  34. Just got the rules of the event explained to me
    This guy seems over it but that was almost exciting
  35. Bonding with my new line mate
    Interesting dude
  36. Lady got kicked out for videoing
    Angelika employee was pissed
  37. Man with cardboard announced it's free for all to make robot masks
    And someone made an actual cannibal Shia labeouf mask
  38. Latest development: people at the front of the line got here at 7AM
    😩 considering coming by at like 4AM tonight
  39. Ok cardboard masks mean many blades
    Wow everyone has a knife ok????
  40. Okay my friend is here to charge my phone for a bit. I will return soon
    I'll be in line hopefully observing ridiculous things
  41. Hi I'm back
  42. I'm still in line
  43. I talked to the mask guy
    Apparently he woke up this morning, read about this event, and thought, "wouldn't it be hilarious if a bunch of people watched transformers with Shia labeouf while wearing robot masks"
  44. One guy left the theater and performed part of the just do it speech at full intensity in the lobby
  45. A bunch of people left when surfs up began
  46. We tried to sell my spot but the guy and his girlfriend bailed
  47. The people in front of us sold their spots to two high schoolers from westchester
    One girl is a huge Shia fan and the other is like wow kill me why am I here
  48. But then the huge shift happened and I regained faith and decided to stay
  49. Mask guy left :(
    He was everyone's friend
  50. One girl made a spectacular drawing of Shia based on his face at the end of the Shia labeouf music video
  51. Anyway, I'm still in line
  52. Holding out hope
  53. We shall see
  54. He's currently asleep
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  55. It's 5:35 I've been here for five hours what have I done
    Still in line
  56. Got my line crew to hold my spot while I hung out on the bench
  57. Plotting my scheme to sell my spot in line
    I am weak but I also have to go to work ha
  58. A guy sat down next to me and is talking to himself
  59. Something happened, like some seat drama or something
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    This is what the stream looks like currently??
  60. That one girl who made the beautiful mask mysteriously was in the theater but now is at the top of the escalator because she's sick
  61. There's a break people are moving
  62. Wait so now it's surfs up? Shia is enjoying himself
  63. As we get closer to the front, we're getting reflective
  64. One guy says this process is making him like Shia more
    Like you wouldn't wait this long for someone you don't like. Totally stockholmy
  65. I'm asked if I'm a line person and I'm really not
    I can't deal with Disneyland or snl or shake shack so why is this different how did this happen to me
  66. Tried to cut a deal with the angelika people
    They weren't having it
  67. I just want to experience this for like one minute
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    Why are people hogging a seat for like ten hours
  68. OMG
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    Let me iiiiiiiinnnnn
  69. One of the worst people I've ever met is chatting us up
  70. Someone finally set up the live stream
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  71. One of my line squad sold his ticket and spot in line for $45
    Considering doing the same
  72. Apparently a bunch of people cut us without anyone noticing
    No one understands how it happened. 😑😑😑😑
  73. Entered the spot selling market
    Getting harassed but I believe in myself
  74. This line is exceptionally long
    I tell people they're gonna be waiting for 12 hours and they don't believe!!!
  75. I just wheeled and dealed and met the rest of the line
    Tried to sell it to this one guy who's working as a TaskRabbit and is getting paid $40 an hour to stand in line
  76. Ended up selling my ticket and spot for $70 to the lady at the very end of the line
    Have to get to work
  77. Moral of the story:
    Respect yourself, do thorough research, and work as a Task Rabbit. Literally, who knew.