I've written a lot of really long drafts lately that I haven't posted oops anyway here's what's in my camera roll
  1. Out the window of a house we shot in
  2. Dog on set A
  3. Dog on set B
  4. Cute ass dim sum with @CheChe and @caitlynmn
  5. Making good choices
  6. Free cheap wine with my name on it
  7. Trying to take a happy still snap of @carlynkane
  8. Tulips that somehow didn't immediately die in my cave apartment
  9. End of America @ Sofar
  10. Open Plan
  11. @carlynkane absolutely thriving
  12. Happy potato shooting some photos in the snow
  13. My gal @SofiaGabrielle for @anthropologie
    Lol hi real photo in the midst of this iPhone diary
  14. Metronorth gives me the creeps
  15. Between photos with Rachel
  16. Delicious oatmeal & milk in my breakfast tea which makes me think of @savgardner who taught me to be a proper English lady
  17. Final cut of our movie while @13bishopa watches my reactions via skype