Inspired by @kellydehoop (from a super long time ago?? Finishing this draft per the request of @Jacqueline_Luke). Anyway, these are people I feel like could've been important in my life had the circumstances been a little different.
  1. That highly successful senior who sat behind me in my New Testament class
    She had many good things to say. The only conversations I had in that class that I enjoyed were with her. Always had a Facebook page open for something successful or interesting she was involved in. I was just a confused freshman.
  2. That one emotionally fragile girl I worked with for like two months
    She had a really creative spirit that kind of manifested itself in this trendy insecurity but I admired how open she could be. Gets my humor and appreciates it.
  3. That hilarious and surprisingly sober gal at that unfortunate party incident
    My friend had just essentially broken up her ex and his current girlfriend, so I drove her to his house to make things right (why do I do things like this? I should just go home about 97% of all nights). He was having a party, so while they went out back to talk, I chatted up a kitchen full of drunk folk. This one girl and I hit it off, and we talked for a long while. But then I had to leave to drive my friend home (not without a drugged-up profession of love from the ex in my backseat first).
  4. That guy who stage dove at that Walk The Moon concert and broke some girl's face in the process
    One of my favorite concert stories. I was outside the venue with @chanellediaz when this girl was escorted out, her face covered in blood. This lanky kid came running out after, and I asked him what happened. Apparently he had tried to stage dive, and his teeth ended up in her forehead. The rest was this funny lil interaction where I convinced him to stay to talk to the police and he awkwardly tried to get my number. What a dude. (Epilogue: The band reached out to the girl when they found out!)