What comes to mind from the past ~5 years
  1. Lubezki's Birdman
  2. Cohen's The King's Speech
    This scene was the first time I ever cried in a movie solely because of how beautiful it was
  3. Delbonnel's Inside Llewyn Davis
    Should've won the Oscar in 2013. Still salty about that one
  4. McGarvey's Anna Karenina
    This whole movie is sorely underrated
  5. Richardson's Hugo
  6. Cronenweth's The Social Network
  7. Tuxen's Beginners
    This whole movie kind of reinstated my passion for filmmaking, showing me how the way I think and feel and see is valuable, and will forever be one of my favorites because of it
  8. Pfister's body of work, as a whole
  9. Morano's Kill Your Darlings
    She is 👸🏻
  10. Van Hoytema's Her
  11. Papamichael's Ides of March
  12. Guleserian's Like Crazy
    *huge up & comer! Also attached to Looking for Alaska which excites me
  13. Fontaine's Rust & Bone