What comes to mind from the past ~5 years
  1. Lubezki's Birdman
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  2. Cohen's The King's Speech
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    This scene was the first time I ever cried in a movie solely because of how beautiful it was
  3. Delbonnel's Inside Llewyn Davis
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    Should've won the Oscar in 2013. Still salty about that one
  4. McGarvey's Anna Karenina
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    This whole movie is sorely underrated
  5. Richardson's Hugo
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  6. Cronenweth's The Social Network
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  7. Tuxen's Beginners
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    This whole movie kind of reinstated my passion for filmmaking, showing me how the way I think and feel and see is valuable, and will forever be one of my favorites because of it
  8. Pfister's body of work, as a whole
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  9. Morano's Kill Your Darlings
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    She is 👸🏻
  10. Van Hoytema's Her
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  11. Papamichael's Ides of March
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  12. Guleserian's Like Crazy
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    *huge up & comer! Also attached to Looking for Alaska which excites me
  13. Fontaine's Rust & Bone
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