Aka the soundtrack idk I'm obsessed with all of the songs. @wheelsonthebusmovie ~
  1. "October" by Jeremy Katzenstein (aka NO WORRIES)
    @rewilson's illustrious punk-loving boyfriend (he runs subdivider.co and the podcast Scratch Take and mixes those Google Translate Sings YouTube videos) https://m.soundcloud.com/jeremykatzenstein/october
  2. "This Head I Hold" - Electric Guest
    Got an Danger Mouse-produced track in our movie, bitches https://open.spotify.com/track/74reD6Vha9tSy1ReFmyW40
  3. "Weight of Plans" - Snaggletooth Bruce
    The guy who plays Charlie in the film wrote an eerily relevant song before shooting even began. We used a cut of his raw demo and produced version. Raw: https://soundcloud.com/snaggletooth-bruce/weight-of-plans Produced: https://soundcloud.com/snaggletooth-bruce/weight-of-plans-1
  4. "Mountain Song" - Molly Chase
    Girl from our high school with bright melodies and a folk sound. https://soundcloud.com/mollychasemusic/mountain-song-1
  5. "Drifting Away (Demo)" - Savannah Gardner @savgardner
    One of our good friends from high school is embarking on a promising music career. Pop-rock songs with folk influences. https://instagram.com/p/BD4JR4dsT1q/ (also LOL I image searched her and this picture I took of her in high school popped up)
  6. "Beneath" and "Best I Could" by Jimmy Villaflor
    USC student with soulful folksy tunes. https://soundcloud.com/jimmy-villaflor/best-i-could
  7. "Waiting for Rain" by Nightair
    Local Chapman band serving sick alt-rock tunes off their EP "********." https://open.spotify.com/track/0UU8mCLCDFFgUpHDfgbeyI
  8. "Dissolve" by Hibou
    Ex-drummer from Craft Spells with breezy psychedelic music out of Seattle. https://open.spotify.com/track/5QUvsBhCjKfCtCbusmQim8
  9. "Before the Sum" by Grizzly Business
    Met them with @chanellediaz at a Sofar show in San Diego and they lent us one of their awesome songs from their eponymous EP. https://open.spotify.com/track/6Mg9Y7sf425mq7v9VPyq0n
  10. Original score by Savannah Gardner, Jon Skolnik, and Andrea Candelaria
    Jon was our AD and @DreaNayeli was our production designer. You can listen to Drea's gorgeous piano pieces here: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-604447660