Aka the soundtrack idk I'm obsessed with all of the songs. @wheelsonthebusmovie ~
  1. "October" by Jeremy Katzenstein (aka NO WORRIES)
    @rewilson's illustrious punk-loving boyfriend (he runs and the podcast Scratch Take and mixes those Google Translate Sings YouTube videos)
  2. "This Head I Hold" - Electric Guest
    Got an Danger Mouse-produced track in our movie, bitches
  3. "Weight of Plans" - Snaggletooth Bruce
    The guy who plays Charlie in the film wrote an eerily relevant song before shooting even began. We used a cut of his raw demo and produced version. Raw: Produced:
  4. "Mountain Song" - Molly Chase
    Girl from our high school with bright melodies and a folk sound.
  5. "Drifting Away (Demo)" - Savannah Gardner @savgardner
    One of our good friends from high school is embarking on a promising music career. Pop-rock songs with folk influences. (also LOL I image searched her and this picture I took of her in high school popped up)
  6. "Beneath" and "Best I Could" by Jimmy Villaflor
    USC student with soulful folksy tunes.
  7. "Waiting for Rain" by Nightair
    Local Chapman band serving sick alt-rock tunes off their EP "********."
  8. "Dissolve" by Hibou
    Ex-drummer from Craft Spells with breezy psychedelic music out of Seattle.
  9. "Before the Sum" by Grizzly Business
    Met them with @chanellediaz at a Sofar show in San Diego and they lent us one of their awesome songs from their eponymous EP.
  10. Original score by Savannah Gardner, Jon Skolnik, and Andrea Candelaria
    Jon was our AD and @DreaNayeli was our production designer. You can listen to Drea's gorgeous piano pieces here: