I was a mess
  1. Omg, that is Brooke shields
  2. Brooke shields is using our lipstick tester
    File under: things I would care about if I were a creepy stalker
  3. Remember when Brooke shields was Hannah Montana's mom
    For some reason this is her only work in my head at this point
  4. I wonder if Brooke shields is actually going to buy things
    My celebrity encounters at work usually involve a quick browse
  5. Oh god Brooke shields is in line
  6. I wonder if I can time this transaction so Brooke shields is not my customer therefore removing any chance of being a complete idiot in front of Brooke shields
  7. Why am I feeding into the strange phenomenon that is celebrity
    Brooke shields just does work that puts her in the public eye
  8. I just said "I can help the next guest" to Brooke shields
    I should've said "yo Bshields I can help you here" no I shouldn't have
  9. By now I'm thinking about that long ass thing Alec Baldwin wrote last year about being a celebrity in New York
    He was my neighbor at the time and I almost tripped him because I was distracted by his dogs and did not notice him at all
  10. Wow Brooke shields is literally so gorgeous
    And has wonderful taste
  11. Do I ask Brooke shields if she is a member of the store??
  12. No that would be weird she's Brooke shields
  13. Be a glowing representative! Offer the best customer service!
  14. But not too much because she's checking emails and I don't want to bug her
  15. Be graceful! Smile!!!! It's Brooke shiELDS
  16. Read her total like you're reciting a poem ok
  17. Wrap all her stuff perfectly
  18. I could put this in a big bag but I could make it look all cute and snug in a small one too
  19. Brooke shields definitely has somewhere to be and I don't want to inconvenience her with too big of a bag
  20. Oh my wow that is objectively the most beautiful signature I have ever seen
    Mostly people just get frustrated with the pin pad and scribble but nOT BROOKE SHIELDS wow she probably has a lot of practice/has to sign well for security reasons or something?!
  21. Hi snap out of it wrap Brooke shields's things without screwing up
  22. Do I try to combine stuff while wrapping?
    This is a typical thought with customers but the stakes are higher so I'm documenting it
  23. God Brooke shields is so gorgeous I'm not over it
    Also not over her signature
  24. Do I talk now?
  25. No she's finishing an email
  26. Oh god she's looking up
  27. Brooke shields is looking up
  28. Eye contact number two is about to occur
  29. Brooke shields is waving her hand and squinting
  30. Brooke shields is asking me for directions
  31. Thank god it's a direction I give often so I don't have to form a new sentence
  32. Make conversation!! Say something in connection to what was said
    I have to break it down for myself often
  33. You are telling Brooke shields the non-story of when your aunt got confused the same way she almost did based on her direction inquiry
  34. Why are you telling this
  35. You could say literally anything else and it would be better
  36. Oh god there's the receipt and all the things are in the bag Brooke shields can run away from this terrible story
  37. Just smile and play it off wow
  38. All the stuff is there! Brooke shields why aren't you leaving briskly to allow this girl to shrivel into a ball and think of everything wrong she's ever done
  39. Brooke shields is conversing with me
  40. Brooke shields didn't dismiss my terrible story
  41. Brooke shields is literally staying longer than necessary to talk to me
  42. Brooke shields is telling me about when she used to live here
  43. I live here! Just like Brooke shields did
  44. What a nice lady
  45. I love this I never want this interaction to end
  46. Okay she has to leave
  47. Say a really friendly goodbye like smile and wave and all that
  48. Wow that was a wonderful customer interaction I hope she was happy
  49. I wonder if anyone else saw how we're like totally besties
  50. I can help the next guest