Some days, I'm like, okay, this is a temporary overlapping situation. Other days, I'm like, what the hell did I just get myself into. Wanted to document some word vomit about this for the future. Sorry this ended up reading like a bad motivational quote Instagram 🙃
  1. Never having the right pair of shoes.
    One of the jobs requires "nice" shoes (they won't say it, but they prefer heels). I'm a size 12 and live in a city that requires a lot of walking as it is. A struggle. See list: GREAT TRAGEDIES OF MY TINY, TINY LITTLE WORLD
  2. Feeling like you're always catching up.
    Getting paid hourly is emotionally difficult when you have health issues. I just had the flu and couldn't stop thinking about how it was fine I wasn't working because I wasn't eating. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Insisting you have other goals.
    Somehow still fitting in a fair amount of other work into this schedule. Do not ask me how because I honestly have no idea.
  4. Sleep.
    Getting a lot of it, actually. Very disciplined on this front now.
  5. Forever pissed at the schedule of the rest of the world.
    Specifically the construction that begins just before 9AM. Just because I'm not at work by then doesn't mean I'm not working for 9 hours today. Let me chilllll
  6. Focusing on goals within each position.
    So I've got all the freelance stuff going on, which is easy to keep on track with. However, I don't want to be on a sales floor for the rest of my life (read: in the immediate future). I've got growth on the mind, places to go, and too many people in the way. Have to balance ~keeping the vision alive~ with keeping boundaries. This is a short-term situation that will hopefully pay off sooner rather than later.
  7. Dealing with rejection
    Just means it's not the right time or place
  8. Most of my friends are in college.
    This is a weird thing but I never for a moment regret where I am. I'm very happy in my situation. It's hard because they just have different expectations for your relationship. Meanwhile, I'm over here like I got billz 2 pay, you'll get it in a couple years
  9. Constantly rationalizing
    Two part time jobs does not equal a full time job. I did this grind before while living in CA but one position was a strategy-based office job. Exhausting in a different way. One of my positions is immensely physical. Shocks me every time I work there. But a little voice in my head is like, buck up, you've done this balance before. But it's so different! I have to keep reminding myself that.
  10. Everyone is busy. It's about priorities.
    I go by the thought that when you say "I've been busy" what you're saying is "it hasn't been a priority." Everyone is hustling! Where you spend your time is where your priorities lie, and that's ok if it's money over goals sometimes.
  11. I love people and dogs
    One of my jobs allows me to hang out with both, intermingled with another passion of mine. It's pretty ideal as far as these things go. I've met some amazing people and some of the best lil dogs.
  12. Giving my brain some food
    Retail is emotional work, and my brain feels neglected sometimes. I need stuff to chew on. Constantly reading, taking online courses on subjects I'm no good at for kicks (hello business calculus?), trying to always learn and engage with people who are much smarter than me. Remembering what got me here in the first place.
  13. Movies keep a girl in check.
    You best believe that no matter what there's nothing like sitting in a chair in a movie theater when the lights go down. If there were a compass emoji, I would put it here.