They used the entire campus as a stage, so there was lots of walking between scenes. Apparently that means the social codes of theatre are lifted.
  1. I don't get it—he's the only one with a British accent, the outfit, the clear glasses—is that Macbeth or the lead in a BBC rom com?
  2. Is this a fraternity?
    A dad, witnessing the hundred-person cross-campus march
  3. (A rousing chorus of "happy birthday" from across campus)
  4. Hoowww nowwww my looooord
    Always at least one drunk kid at a college show
  5. I usually hate audience participation, but this isn't that bad
  6. We're just gonna take a picture
    Two drunk guys from a business school function hopped on the lion statue in the middle of the audience
  7. Are we sure those glasses aren't for women?
    (I happen to work at the company that makes said glasses, and they are indeed unisex)
  8. So…our lights just cut out
    A stagehand on the phone. They were out for a couple minutes and the actors acted their butts off to compensate.
  9. Just gonna Sparknotes it after
  10. Go BBC!
    A guy just approached an onstage ensemble member for an awkward casual chat and those were his (very loud) parting words
  11. What the fuck
    A bunch of kids getting out of class in the building upstage. Surprise!