This is the closest I've ever come to really just tripping balls (but also a great way to interact with art I guess)
  1. Let's go
  2. Das Erdbeben in Chili [N#3] (1999) Frank Stella
    This first piece will assault your eyeballs and kind of give you some heart palpitations. Where do you look?? It's insanity!!
  3. The room with all of the Stella stripe paintings
    Just kind of swim around here for a while; bask in the peace of organized structure
  4. Everything and More (2015) Rachel Rose
    You'll be at rest in a piece that explores feelings you can't describe. Also, fair warning, things start to, like, melt. It's the video, not you.
  5. Moiré #5 (2007) Liz Deschenes
    Align yourself square-on with the piece and just lose your eyes in it. Remember to breathe or else you'll probably just fall over
  6. Green Screen #7 (2001) Liz Deschenes
    And there you are, facing your own buzzing reflection. Hi
  7. 16:32, 26.05 (2009) Danh Vo
    Question if moving something away from its original purpose constitutes art or just history and then stand right under it. Something that old is bound to fall eventually, right?
  8. Free radicals (1958 & 1979) Len Lye
    Completely lose your sense of physical being in this first visualization of music
  9. Spook Sport & Tarantella (1939 & 1940) Mary Ellen Bute
    And there's more! So sensually satisfying. If only the music were a bit louder so you could really feel it
  10. Portrait of Mrs. A. J. Motley, Jr. (1930) Archibald Motley
    The subject looks right through you and that fox is creepy as all hell 👀
  11. The elevator
    The big one, on the right. Everyone is blue
  12. The stairs
    Don't look down