Reasons Why Shrek 2 Is Supposedly Better Than The First Shrek

Supposedly??? (This is referring to this list: "DO YOU WANNA WATCH ____?")
  1. Shrek (the original) is the setup. Nothing we haven't heard before, just with ogres.
    Princess needs saving, true love's kiss, unlikely hero, softened heart, etc etc
  2. There's an excess of Smash Mouth in it as well.
    someBODy one told me (it's in your head now sorry)
  3. Ok, so the talent alone brings Shrek 2 to the next level.
  4. You have your OGs.
    Mike Meyers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, etc.
  5. Then you have Julie Andrews,
  6. Antonio Banderas,
    I am LIVING for these press shots
  7. John Cleese,
  8. Rupert Everett,
  9. Jennifer Saunders,
    As Fairy Godmother
  10. And all the awesome characters that brought the world to life,
    Including but certainly not limited to:
  11. Larry King
    This photo is hilarious to me
  12. and JOAN RIVERS.
    Yeah. Damn straight the talent is strong here. (Their voices were replaced for the UK release, but they're still credited.)
  13. Let's talk soundtrack.
  14. "Accidentally in Love" by Counting Crows
    If you don't like this song you're lying
  15. "Funkytown" by Lipps, Inc.
    PERFECT jam & sets the tone to introduce Far Far Away
  16. "Need Some Sleep" by eels
    10-year-old me was sittin in the theater just feelin some angst for the first time
  17. "Changes" performed by Butterfly Boucher ft. David Bowie
    Bowie, though!! And the verse for the Fiona scene! So good
  18. "Holding Out for a Hero" performed by Jennifer Saunders
    Going back to the unstoppable talent. Totally fabulous rendition that fits just perfectly in the story
  19. Let's talk plot.
  20. This is something new!
    No more play-on-fairytale!
  21. This is the long, long epilogue of the "happily ever after."
    Look to anything that changed the game—The Fantasticks, for example. I'm more interested in the human repercussions of the "perfect" ending. Shrek 2 takes it there and still gives the film room to get weird and truly explore the insanity of the world they created.
  22. For example, these creatures.
    Like, you can't just start a donkey/dragon relationship and leave it unacknowledged. Love it.
  23. All the play-on-fairytale jokes you love from the first one, just a step further.
    Keeps an already well-paced movie on a steady track. You're entertained at every moment.
  24. Grossed $150 million at the box office.
    As opposed to $60mm from the original.
  25. Anyway
  26. The animation!
    It was 2004 and this animation was GORG. Huge step up from the first movie.
  27. The world is so thoroughly thought through!
    Pork Illustrated! I'm slain!
  28. Iconic!
    Have you been on Tumblr lately? Shrek (specifically Shrek 2) is a running joke and I think that makes it all the more significant (also nearly impossible to search for gifs from the actual movie)
  29. Shameless fart humor!
    With a range of jokes for the parents, too! There's a whole bit about unionizing Fairy Godmother's workers and I'm not sure what I thought that meant as a 10-year-old
  30. God, the humor is just so good
  31. Marital conflict!
  32. Have I mentioned how hilariously thought through the world of the movie is
  33. This whole scene
    So uncomfortable but so well paced. Also it has the classic "DONKEY"
  34. Deeper themes!
    Acceptance of oneself when you're told you're supposed to be this one thing you're whole life (especially as a woman)
  35. Spider-Man kiss!
    Culturally aware!
  36. That lil dog!!!!
    So cute and so wonderfully utilized
  37. Also it's worth mentioning this is what I got when trying to find a better picture of the dog
  38. Did I mention how gorgeous it is
    Even when streaming it illegally on my phone
  39. Every detail
  40. So
  41. Thought through
    In a blink-or-you'll-miss-it way
    So good, he got his own movie. The jealous tension between him and Donkey is prime.
  43. Like, this is just the best thing
    Cute, hilarious, unexpected
  44. The human Shrek is perfect
    This scene was so ridiculous but fit with the more risqué tone
  45. The Cops parody, "Knights"
    A highlight for sure
  46. Mission Impossible sequence!
  47. Bringing all the original friends back in!!
  48. "Do you know the muffin man?"
  49. MONGO
    Origination of the line you know and probably thought was from the first one, "Not the gumdrop button!"
  50. "I'm a real boy!"
  51. This whole climax is just riveting
  52. When all the ties to Fairy Godmother (and the "you look familiar" joke from a frog in the bar earlier) are explained!!
    Also John Cleese is a loving frog. Nothing in the first movie tops that
  53. TRU LUV
  54. 😭😭😭
  55. Then there's this
  56. And this gem in the credits.
  57. In conclusion:
    Shrek 2 is a superior film to Shrek because of its steadier pacing, artistic merits, and developed tone.
  58. Thanks for reading
  59. (One more time)