I never have space to take photos/download apps and this is probably why
  1. Parks & Rec!!
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  2. All these stills of Beginners that I guess were my background for a while
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  3. The first time I saw a Girls quote I had said to my own parents (and shamefully not the last)
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  4. Does this count?
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  5. Sound of Music! Because of course!
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  6. This is my aunt in her role as the yoga instructor in The Women hahah
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  7. Weird skewed snapchat of the first Nick & Jess kiss 💕
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  8. House, MD: upset, distorted, and sideways
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  9. Ordinary People 😭
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  10. My absolute favorite New Girl moment
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  11. Short Term 12, followed by like 40 screenshots of their heartbreaking confrontation soon after
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  12. 21 Jump Street
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  13. Spongebob
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  14. Seinfeld
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  15. Ferris Bueller
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  16. Community, on turning 21
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  17. Community (this man has an Oscar)
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  18. Fantasia
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  19. High School Musical (fave)
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