I never have space to take photos/download apps and this is probably why
  1. Parks & Rec!!
  2. All these stills of Beginners that I guess were my background for a while
  3. The first time I saw a Girls quote I had said to my own parents (and shamefully not the last)
  4. Does this count?
  5. Sound of Music! Because of course!
  6. This is my aunt in her role as the yoga instructor in The Women hahah
  7. Weird skewed snapchat of the first Nick & Jess kiss 💕
  8. House, MD: upset, distorted, and sideways
  9. Ordinary People 😭
  10. My absolute favorite New Girl moment
  11. Short Term 12, followed by like 40 screenshots of their heartbreaking confrontation soon after
  12. 21 Jump Street
  13. Spongebob
  14. Seinfeld
  15. Ferris Bueller
  16. Community, on turning 21
  17. Community (this man has an Oscar)
  18. Fantasia
  19. High School Musical (fave)