Phone went nuts and deleted all my tabs which was heartbreaking but I'm healing. I have a problem but I like having all this fun stuff pending whenever I open safari
  1. Medium piece about drugs
  2. Medium piece about art
  3. Cheap/free travel tips
  4. A podcast that's discussing list app (hi)
  5. Article about mass shoplifting
  6. Article about empath/narcissist relationship
  7. Adele video
  8. Floor plan and pricing of a studio I like
  9. Gmail for when I'm connected to janky Internet and Mail doesn't work
  10. Article about complementarianism vs egalitarianism
  11. Yelp page for a bar I always walk past
    Reminder to go there
  12. Article about Italians and the Rockefeller center tree
  13. Shoes I need to return and rebuy from asos
    I have size 12 feet (for no reason??? I am 5'7????? They don't even look hug idgi) & it is a struggle.5
  14. Improv everywhere video
  15. Haphazard Google search for "hot chocolate bar"
  16. Google search for intriguing restaurant I passed on the bus
  17. A chromecast commercial my friend is in
    Brightens my day!
  18. Iconosquare stats
  19. Facebook
  20. Google doc of notes for my friend's blog
  21. Help page for a medication app
  22. Invite to reduced-rate pro plan for time management app
  23. Article about ways to maximize the iOS health app
  24. A good song
  25. Wikipedia for Dear White People
    Reminder to rewatch
  26. Careers page for local movie theater
    It's like one of those things I want but also really don't want
  27. Audio of original CS Lewis broadcast
  28. Article about the second amendment