Don't think, just suggest!
  1. It's late, way too late, and we're on the floor of my friend's apartment. My stomach is so full of Chinese food, and I'm laughing so hard there's tears down my face. I realize that everything's gonna work out ok.
  2. It's late and I'm in his car and we're eating Bojangles. Licking our fingers and singing terrible pop music at the top of our lung and I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard.
    Suggested by @kaylaaa
  3. We're in a Tiki place that she suggested and I have no idea why she's with me and she taps me on the arm and asks me about her Fantasy Football team
    Suggested by @Adam
  4. Sitting on my parents' bed with my brother, my mom, and my dad late at night as we talk about useless topics
    Suggested by @crossedties
  5. Holding my babies for the first time.
    Suggested by @alimi
  6. Cozy in bed with Netflix and someone I care about
    Suggested by @Jacqueline_Luke
  7. The song is called "Happy" and the video does really make me so happy.
    Suggested by @DG