In their purest organic place in my life. Shoutout to #brands
  1. This vest from Anthropologie
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    I know, I know. But it's like a lumberjill security blanket. So cozy and unflattering in all the right ways.
  2. Artifact Uprising
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    Tapped on some Instagram photos of mine and they showed up at my door in pretty print form a few days later~
  3. Moviepass
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    $35/month in my city for 1 movie every 24 hrs. Best decision I've made in recent times. Saw The Big Short tonight in a $15.50 seat. Byeeeee NY cinema market
  4. Voluspa Saijo Persimmon candle
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    All my favorite voluspa scents come only in teeny-tiny form. I embrace it. I also recommend that poorly potted plant–it refuses to die
  5. Repurposing people's garbage
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    I found this on the street in an adventurous night in the west village. Took it home after thorough inspection. Still in the process of refurbishing but I'm into it
  6. These Logitech speakers
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    Bought them in college when I was tight on space and funds and I still love them
  7. Most anything by CS Lewis
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    This complete classics volume (top left) is one of the most meaningful things ever given to me (my small group leader in 7th grade saw me better than I could possibly see myself and gave this to me when she moved away. Front cover is inscribed with her note: "love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and MIND." Mind is underlined). Feat. Marco Rubio biography (he's fascinated me since high school)
  8. Everlane backpack
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    If you don't know, now you know. My trusty sidekick for over two years now.
  9. Tuft & Needle mattress
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    Dat price point tho. Also absorbs the weirdness of living in an apartment with sunken-in floors. Feat. Boll & Branch sheets which are also superb
  10. Having cool friends to make stuff with
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    Way too sentimental to make this just a stuff list ok bye