Things I'm gonna do when I'm in California next

I started making this list in the notes app if you can believe it
  1. Crepe cakes from Alta
  2. Boat cruise with the homies
  3. Acai bowl from Banzai
  4. Pumpkin gnocchi from Il Farro
    Too much food on this list for someone who currently lives in a food capital of the world
  5. Chicken parm from Mario's
    Preferably on boat with said homies
  6. Smoothie and beach time at Stuft Surfer
    15th street yo
  7. Walk my dog til he gets mad about it
    He's almost 10 but you wouldn't know it
  8. Cheap sushi!!!!
    Allllll mine
  9. Maybe go to LA for a hot sec
    Probably not because parking
  10. Drive a long stretch of pch in a car that isn't mine
  11. Ride a bike everywhere
    And not fear death
  12. Probably get a mad sunburn
    🤘🏻 can't wait