There's that one episode of Louie where he describes New York as "just sort of It's a great big city…You never get over how big it is…You can walk for days, and you're still downtown. And every day, something happens that you never thought you'd see in your entire life" so I thought I'd keep track of those things that happen every day etc etc
  1. A mariachi duo started playing on a 2 train and a bunch of people got up and danced
  2. A man in the bike lane briskly walked down Prince St, quacking, followed by a man carrying a very large tire
  3. A beautiful billboard for my place of work
  4. A gray corgi
  5. A delivery guy riding his cart like a longboarder down west broadway
  6. Man singing opera riding a bike down 7th Ave
  7. A lady so out of it she would slide down the whole subway bench every time we moved
  8. A guy in a Santa hat on a pay phone in the subway station
  9. A tray of at least 200 churros on the R train
  10. A man casually practicing his flute on the train
    Seeing a pattern here …