From observation
  1. Reusable tote bags
    Canvas, shopping, or otherwise
  2. A hot ticket
  3. New food
  4. Free food
  5. Free anything
  6. Rent stabilization
  7. Rent loopholes
  8. A good protest
  9. Nice clothes
  10. Fast walkers
  11. Fast trains
  12. No delays
  13. Good cabbie
  14. No-surge uber
  15. Anywhere that isn't Times Square
    Or midtown really
  16. Public art
    As long as it doesn't get in the way (shoutout to Richard Serra/my grandfather for removing Tilted Arc in 1989 oops)
  17. New art
  18. Really really old art
  19. Being left alone
  20. Feeling a togetherness
  21. Parks
    This place has so many damn parks