Here's to you @carlynkane
  1. Greek life: is it terrible on its own or made worse by the fact we'd never be able to take part?
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    She lives next door to a frat like in Neighbors and she's Seth rogen
  2. My AC aka hugged me a lot while filming to make sure I didn't fall off things
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  3. When she got her wisdom teeth out all she did was sing "I've had the time of my life"
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  4. Shamelessly the creepiest
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  5. Kim k looks
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  6. She'll never give up on the endless journey of her teeth
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    She wore braces for like 7 years
  7. Always down for movies
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    Any movie, any time. Empty theaters never shock us anymore and we know the AC settings at every cinema
  8. She's the best and will befriend anyone I present to her
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    And if she doesn't like them I know there's something wrong with them but it's never her