Merry Christmas 🐢 with the grand assistance of @kristipalmer
  1. Intro turtleneck
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  2. Funeral turtleneck
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  3. Steve jobs
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  4. Widower turtleneck
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  5. Hi Carl butterfly turtleneck
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  6. Firthleneck
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  8. Dainty turtleneck
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  9. So slight
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    Isn't it colder now? Get warm, necks
  10. This guy in Colin Firths Portuguese class
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  11. Turtleneck of the past
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  12. Character developing turtleneck
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  13. Trying to feed your child turtleneck
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  14. Children's turtleneck!
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  15. This crowd is so full of turtlenecks I just cannot
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  16. Turtleneck duo!
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    V difficult to pause
  17. This little bit is shot weird but upon inspection the blue layer is indeed a turtleneck
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  19. "What if they photoshopped out the boy and it were just a turtleneck sitting there"
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  20. What a luscious Firthleneck
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    I couldn't keep up with all the new turtles in this last scene ok
  21. Lovely blue Neesonneck
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  22. There's gotta be at least one in here
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