1. "We're taking you to karaoke because you've never been and that's tragic"
    Girl to friend, LES
  2. "I'll wait for you, I'll be here for you"
    A woman yelling to her friend as she enters an NYPD van after being arrested at a small Black Lives Matter protest, LES
  3. "Any unit, Only $99"
    Handwritten sign fixed to five-foot stack of air conditioners, Chinatown
  4. "It is illegal to walk in the roadways or block pedestrian pathways"
    A recording playing on loop from a speaker a police officer carries behind said BLM protest, LES
  5. "The one thing I'm truly worried about is the L"
    Girl on phone, Bowery train station
  6. "You're gonna marry me someday. You know I'm here, right?"
    A random man on the street to me, Soho