I need a job really badly and wish my cover letters could be in list form
  1. ā€¢
    I'm v tenacious
    Been through a lot but I don't know how to give up ja feel me
  2. ā€¢
    I have many skillz
    Adobe premiere to excel formulas, ya gurl's got it covered
  3. ā€¢
    I'm young! šŸ‘¶šŸ¼ but actually an old lady at heart šŸ‘µšŸ¼
    I'm on the young end of the millennial range (good for insight) but really an adult soul (good for business). I can show you snapchat & impress at a pitch meeting in an hour flat
  4. ā€¢
    I really like projects!!!! It's almost a problem
    I will do whatever is needed to 100%, but I will never sit idle afterā€”I have to be improving on stuff constantly
  5. ā€¢
    Personality profile is bomb šŸ’šŸ¼
    ENTP & strengthsfinder top strengths are individualization, strategic, communication, futuristic, & woo. So essentially I can make the project, the team, the strategy, and manage all while maintaining a positive environment. Basically I should've been a pm on the apprentice
  6. ā€¢
    I have a strangely wide range of experiences
    It makes a lot more sense if you meet me, but I've lived like 5 little life timelines (for lack of a better term)(I've been watching a lot of Rick & morty) in my short time on earth. This would be ideal if I were a serious writer
  7. ā€¢
    I've made a bunch of stuff
    That whole project addiction actually produced a few things from brand launches to photo shoots to ad campaigns to a feature film
  8. ā€¢
    I've got hella references up the wazoo
    People can vouch for me ok I love all the teams I've worked on
  9. ā€¢
    Leader self-starter go-getter team player etc etc
    All those buzzwords apply to me in varying capacities which is cool and fun
  10. ā€¢
    I love LinkedIn messages!!
    They kind of give me heart palpitations at first but I love them because they're like emails on steroids. Like THE SUBJECT MATTER AT HAND IS SERIOUS OK OPEN THIS WITH PROPER DEMEANOR. Anyway send me one so we can, in the words of Vincent adultman, do a business
  11. ā€¢
    I'm done (un?)ironically self-promoting carry on