Inspired by @originalamericantrt whose unfinished drafts are probably 8000% better than the ones I actually thought about for days
  1. How Adele's Single Is Making Me Feel Right Now
    Defs some type of way, that still won't go away.
  2. Ways To Delight Your Roommates
    The only item on the list has to do with leaving them a trail of chip crumbs so that when they get home they won't forget where the kitchen is
  3. Things This Spider In My Cocktail Has Told Me Tonight
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    It was Halloween and I constructed some really amazing conversations, mostly about how the spider was SO SURPRISED that I was still single
  4. I Got Sally A Bartenders Handshake Shot Last Night. Congrats!
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    This list was requested by @olive and every time I try to finish it I am overwhelmed by the fact that boo SLAYS it every time, and it is just a lot of pressure. To emphasize my point, this is a pin I just ordered online.
  5. Things I Love About My Boyfriend, Nobody
    Since Nobody and I have been together so long, we just keep making all of these new memories that I am constantly faced with re-ranking within our already stellar relationship.
  6. Untitled List