I started giving myself and my friends stick and poke tattoos about three years ago. Often if I give a friend one, I'll give myself the same one as a sort of ritualistic perma-friendship bracelet. I think at this point I've probably done about a hundred. These are some choice cuts from the archives.
  1. Sisters of the Moon
    @hiltops first tattoo, five other people's 6373683th tattoo, and my first time tattooing other people. We would later burn scarves and call the corners to try to usher Stevie Nicks' spirit to sing us an a cappella rendition of The Chain. It did not work. But I think she's still listening.
  2. Palm Pom
    My friend Jeff Brown originally commissioned me to do a different piece. He gave me $100 and a bottle of bourbon. Once he drank half the bourbon he went out to get beer, and told me to think of some clever play on the word 'Pomeranian' by the time he got back. Five minutes later I came up with Palm Pom. Twenty minutes later this was on him for the rest of his life.
  3. The Happiest Tombstone
    Be careful when you are around me and drinking and I have tattoo supplies because I will give you anything you want.
    This is another friendship tattoo with two of my best friends from Boston. It is an acronym for You Only Live La Vida Loca Once. We are fucking amazing.
  5. I Don't
    All the stuff happening here is indeed happening. It's so cute how much of a fucking disaster I used to be!Hahahahahahahahaha! 😂😭
  6. SFP
    Yet another permanent scar of friendship with @JennSweeney . SFP, for those of you who don't own a collection of charming beer koozies or are not from Florida, SFP stands for Sorry For Partying. Although we never were. And never are.
  7. My Last Fuck Flying Away
    One day my friend Ryan and I were wondering where all of our fucks went. We determined they must have just flown away, every last one.
  8. Hot Tub Ladybug
    This is a picture of me tattooing a ladybug on my friend Payton, in a bikini between frequent hot tub breaks and slamming boxed wine. I'm just really proud of this moment.
  9. Fuck Your Fucking Shit
    I am not particularly proud of the quality of this one, but it is a very important life reminder. Like, whatever shit you have, fuck it. I gave myself one too.
  10. I did not finish it.