1. That time during a particularly tumultuous summer, I went to the fifth bar of the night and insisted on only communicating with the bartender through written notes and ghost drawings
  2. That time I learned how to smoke a cigarette while hula hooping
  3. That time I was dressed as Jessica Lange from American Horror Story: Coven for Halloween with @originalamericantreat as Jessica Lange from American Horror Story: Freakshow
    I fell down in the street and two teenage girls walked me home.
  4. That time @marytownville and I were go go dancers for a gay dance party called Skittles
    The theme of this one was 'Goths In The Sun'
  5. That time I was America
  6. That time that @marytownville and I were March in the Ladies of Bed-Stuy calendar
    I'm cute with Mary a lot
  7. That time I got a stick and poke tattoo of a tomahawk from some maniac with a mullet that I met fifteen minutes prior at a barbecue
  8. That time I gave a temporary tattoo to my friend Vince who passed out like a bitch at an apartment formally known as Nellyville
  9. That time I worked on Valentine's Day, did a bunch of wine shots and made heartfelt valentines for my customers
  10. This time on Boocation
  11. This time on Boocation
    When I got Boo-bie trapped by @second_lunch