This new Adele single is fucking killing me you guys
  1. Whales
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    I just YouTube search 'humpback whales' and poof! there goes an entire evening
  2. This picture of my friend Grace 'performing' at some kind of elementary school concert
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    I can't. I just can't.
  3. Pat Perry's illustrations
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    First I go through a total admiration phase, in which I feel like picking myself up and drawing all night. Then I go through an anxiety phase in which I enter a state of total self-doubt because his work is SO MUCH BETTER than mine and he's probably younger and cuter than me. Then I go back to YouTubing videos of whales, thinking I'm going to start drawing whales better than anyone else ever did.
  4. Friday Night Lights
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    By that I mean just Google image searching Tim Riggins
  5. Candid shots from Coachella
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    I never cease to be amazed by these strange, shiny creatures from another universe far far away
  6. Clueless
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    It's like having every one of your perceptions about men, friendship, and shopping re-affirmed with every line. Then you realize that's where all those perceptions were created in the first place.