an idea on how life at home is going
  1. my cat went outside
    it was cold outside and i specifically asked her not to
  2. my sister threw away the left over beef tenderloin from christmas eve
    what the fuck am i supposed to do now?
  3. i forgot to get my mom a christmas card
    it was a busy week...
  4. i forgot to get my mom a birthday card
  5. the episode where michael leaves for colorado
  6. being a non-controversial person and trying to sell something on craigslist
    *heavy breathing* oh you want to pay me less? oh um uh yeah okay i guess that's fine. you want to meet up where? oh yeah uh i guess i can drive 30 minutes away that's probably fine. you want my social security number? haha yeah sure uh that's fine i'm sure you need it for a good reason.
  7. the books i ordered on amazon were shipped to the wrong address
    i'm still fucking heated
  8. i was dancing on granite countertop and broke it
    honestly i probably deserved this i was doing the whip to one direction
  9. my nose was stuffy and i couldn't taste the curry i made :(