how I feel during hot yoga

  1. arriving
    casually rolling out my mat trying to be as zen as the people on mats next to me
  2. After sitting down for two seconds I am already sweating
    hope I drank enough water today so that I will live through this
  3. After 15 mins
  4. When I see someone doing a ridiculous arm balance and there is no chance I can do it
  5. how I look when I try a headstand
  6. when i am halfway through class and they ask us to do another low push-up
  7. the instructor comes over to adjust my form and she cannot avoid touching sweat
  8. taking a break
  9. when we finally start doing stretch work on the ground
  10. when i think i am flexible but then look over at the person next to me
  11. me during corpse
  12. namaste bitchez
  13. bye