Today was surprisingly eventful. Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. 7h: Alarm goes off
    I'm at my boyfriend's. His alarm is BBC Radio 4 and his lamp slowly gets brighter to mimic a rising sun. We turn the alarm off and go back to sleep
  2. 8h20: We wake up
    And hug for the next 13 minutes. It's cold in the room because I left the windows open all night-- just like I like it
  3. 8h33: We get dressed
    I didn't pack enough underwear, so he lends me a pair of briefs he never wears. My freshly-washed cords (which were once my boyfriend's) are tight across my belly, still bloated from the weekend
  4. 8h42: Alan drives me to the station
    Harpenden to St. Pancras, crowded with commuters
  5. ~9h15: Arrive in London and walk to school
    It took half an hour. I grabbed a Moroccan mint tea and organic scone, neither of which tasted good without the other. It's a nice walk through Bloomsbury to Holborn.
  6. 9h47-11h47: Killed time in the postgrad break room
    First I had to sprint to the toilet for some surprise diarrhea! Then I checked my class schedule and colored in my 1960's fashion coloring book
  7. 11h47: Hurry to student store
    Because I didn't have any notebooks for the new term
  8. 12h-13h30: Politics of Civil Wars
    It was the first day of term, so our professor just outlined everything we'll learn. I hate classes like this. I was sitting alone in the front row like a dork
  9. 13h30-14h20: Reading in the break room
    I read a couple readings for different classes. By read, I mean skimmed. Either way, I absorbed enough information
  10. 14h20: Lunch in the cafeteria
    All there was was something under a sign labeled "Mexican food" called "Thai Red Vegetables". It was terrible.
  11. 14h45: Say hi to classmate
    My breath was rank from my disgusting meal and he wanted to kiss me on both cheeks. He's a really wonderful guy, but I felt awkward and needed to pee
  12. 14h46-15:05: Walk to Leicester Sq
    Past the Zara with the huge sale
  13. 15h11-17h36: See Carol at the Empire (alone)
    I still hadn't peed, but there wasn't a bathroom on the same floor as my theatre and I thought the trailers had already started, so I took my seat. Psych-- there's half an hour of commercials before they even start the trailers. Never peed
  14. 17h45-18h15: Topshop sale shopping
    I was sucked in. Bought a sweater for £20 that I'd been eyeing. It's burgundy and red with little boobie triangles
  15. 18h15-18h45: Tube home
    Temple to Whitechapel. The first train was packed, so I waited for the next in hopes it would be empty... It wasn't. Listened to The Moth Podcast
  16. ~18h45: Home!
    And my roommate brought her cat back! Buttons is all about that belly time
  17. ~18h45-21h: Colored in my Art Nouveau fashion book and watched two documentaries
    One about propaganda in North Korea, one about sex abuse in small-town Oklahoma, both available on Netflix
  18. 21h: Make dinner
    I realize I'm starving and throw together some gluten free pasta with pesto and an egg. I can do better
  19. 21h30-21h45: Shower
    I needed it. I change into a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and socks so I can stay warm in my bed without the heat on. Also, I put my retainers back in after three weeks without. If I don't wear my retainers, my teeth shift; I'll be in them for the rest of my life
  20. 22h: Roommate gets home
    She was at a fashion show for Men's Fashion Week. We catch up for a bit. Suddenly it's been an hour and a half
  21. 23h-0h25: Talk to boyfriend and mom
    And write this list. I've got a morning class tomorrow. Time to sleep.