My teacher had us pair up, talk to each other, then introduce our partner to the class, saying their name, undergrad degree, reason for taking the class, and dissertation topic
  1. He called me Becky
    My name is Maggie
  2. He said I got my undergraduate degree in art history
    My degree is in history; I did one year of art history at Pratt before I moved to London
  3. He told the class I'm taking the civil war class because I'm interested in images of civil war
    I told him I'd thought about looking into the destruction of art in conflict zones for my dissertation, but decided against it. HE suggested the idea of studying images of civil war. And I'm taking the class because I want to work for the State Department and want to learn more about civil wars in West Africa
  4. He said I'm doing my dissertation about art in war torn areas
    I haven't nailed down a topic yet, but I'm thinking about researching how the sex trade funds conflicts