1. An original poster from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics
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    Alan fell for me when I listed out all the summer Olympic cities from 1960-2012 (I fell for him when he actually knew who Tonya Harding is), so he got me the Olympic poster from my birth year. This man 🙆🏼
  2. A Fortnum & Mason's hamper
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    From my roommate. What an angel. I went to F&M for the first time last week and haven't been able to stop talking about how beautiful and Christmas-y it is. The hampers are famous; people spend thousands on them and the store even has consultants to help decide what goes inside the custom hampers. Mine is a Christmas season one, with champagne, a tin of biscuits, a tin of tea, chocolate, some jam. I FREAKED OUT
  3. Embroideries
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    By the author of Persepolis. It's about the sex lives of Iranian Women-- you could not possibly find something more up my alley
  4. A canvas pillow with a whippet on it
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    From my boyfriend's mom. I love whippets, and I really really needed a better pillow, so this was great
  5. Paris coloring book
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    I love coloring, and Alan and I went to Paris together, so it's perfect
  6. 3D-printed bookmark
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    Of a bat...? My boyfriend's dad just got a 3D printer and was experimenting
  7. Cards from my boyfriend, his parents, and my roommate's boyfriend
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