1. Friday: charged £45 worth of cocktails to my dad's credit card like a spoiled 90's sitcom character
    London Cocktail Club, Shoreditch. Happy hour used to be 2 for £10, now it's 2 for £12. It adds up. But I live for the Bump and Grind, an espresso cocktail. And the Pornstar Martini; it comes with a shot of prosecco
  2. Friday: Thai food at Rosa's
    A double date with my roommate, her boyfriend, and my boyfriend. We went to Rosa's, which is (disappointingly) a place that seems cute and independent, but is actually a chain. But the food is so yummy. I got chicken pad Thai like a basic bitch.
  3. Friday: singing and dancing in my roommate's room
    This is were things get blurry. But we've got some really great Polaroids (ugh I'm a stereotype)
  4. Saturday: brunch dilemma
    The menu online at Foxcroft & Ginger said they had ricotta gnocchi with kale and broccoli. I was really excited. By the time we finally got there, there was a line, terrible service, AND NO GNOCCHI ON THE MENU. So we went to a bakery called Rinkoff's that's famous for its cronuts. I had a really disappointing bagel; I was very whiny.
  5. Saturday: party stress
    Grocery shopping: do we buy a whole duck or just duck breasts? Am I fat if I use golden syrup in the pumpkin pie? Then we went home, Alan had to go to a bunch of other grocery stores while Catriona and I started cooking a mini thanksgiving meal for my birthday to find pumpkin purée
  6. Saturday: I was expecting fifteen guests or so; only had five
    The rolling cancellations started coming in about three hours before the party, and I would switch between acting okay and asking Alan if I actually have any friends. I was a ball of anxiety.
  7. Saturday: I had a really great time at my party
    I wish I hadn't tried to have a big party and had just planned a small dinner party in the first place. I had so much fun with my close friends and I wish I hadn't had my anxiety eating away at me
  8. Sunday: once the clock struck midnight, I opened my presents and was very touched
  9. Sunday: facetimed people back in America
    Between midnight and one am, I talked to my grandmother, my dad, my stepmom, my sister, one of my best friends-- all while being incredibly drunk. I told my grandmother (hardcore Baptist, doesn't drink) that I don't think Jesus is the son of God, but Alan says I pulled it off. I think I said, "I think faith can be a beautiful thing, but I don't have it."
  10. Sunday: Cheeky Nando's
    Cat, Alan, and I thought about going to some floofy brunch place before my rehearsal, but decided in the end that we didn't want to have to think about what we were eating and appreciate different flavors, etc. Cat has been pushing Nando's for a few weeks, so that was it. Beanie pita, mashed potatoes, fountain Coke-- fuck yeah.
  11. Sunday: rehearsal
    It was our first full run, partially in costume. It was really good; this is going to be such a great production
  12. Sunday: birthday dinner
    Alan surprised me with a place in Islington. We had such high hopes-- the place had great decor and good reviews, but it was just... Disappointing. Good ideas, but not carried through very well