Requested by @racytracee (it's really not that interesting, I promise)
  1. My stepmom used to work for the Sacramento Bee during the recall. Once Schwarzenegger was elected, she covered him a lot
    I met him at a minor league baseball stadium when I was ten or so
  2. We moved to DC eventually, and my parents covered homeland security and congress for USA Today and McClatchy
  3. My stepmom was assigned to the Obama campaign in 2008
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    Here's a picture of her helping Obama pick out a keychain
  4. When Obama was elected, her paper assigned her to cover him as president; natural progression
  5. My stepmom took me as her guest to the Christmas party in 2009-- his first Christmas party in office
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    I had long hair
  6. Each year my stepmom took someone different as her guest-- my dad, my sister, her sister, my mom
  7. It was my turn again this year!
  8. Okay: the party. Doors open at 6
    So we got in line at 5. Thankfully there's a heatwave and it wasn't that cold
  9. SeCuRiTy ChEcK
    Just like the airport!!!
  10. Then you finally get to the entrance
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    Giant penguins!
  11. Christmas!!!
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  12. Snowflakes and coat check
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    These were my favorite decorations
  13. There were snowmen outside the windows
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    It was around this time that we were given our photo slot (7 pm)
  14. This room was tennis-themed for some reason
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    There was a chorus-- but instead of singing, they rung bells
  15. Some presidential china
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  16. The First Ladies' Room is one of my favorites
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  17. The library is across the hall and had a few trees
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  18. But the party is upstairs
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  19. Hello!!!!
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  20. HELLLOOOO!!!
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  21. Lamb chops, latkes, green beans, cauliflower Mac n cheese, lobster claws, shrimp
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    My stepmom was upset that there were no oysters
  22. It was around seven and a line was forming, so we took our place
    The receiving line goes down the stairs, you present your time card, then you're taken behind some screens to the next stage of the line
  23. Behind the screen there are waiters with champagne and trays of cookies
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    And you collect your name card
  24. So this is when shit gets real-- you enter the map room
    There are maps. And someone comes by to take your purse
  25. You make your way to the round room with the mural walls
  26. A man in uniform makes small talk and asks if you go by any nicknames, etc
  27. You go around a screen and see THE OBAMAS
    Taking pictures with other people
  28. My sister went with my stepmom this year and I went with my dad
    Obama told my sister that she looks like my stepmom; my sister rolled her eyes; everyone laughed
  29. I couldn't decide if I wanted to tell Obama that I'd voted for him for my first election or that I also love Hamilton
    I ended up stupidly saying that I'm Margaret Talev's stepdaughter. Then I told Michelle that she looked beautiful
  30. Obama. Put. His. Arm. Around. Me.
  31. Michelle patted my back and told me I looked beautiful too!!!
  32. Obama told me to have fun at the party!!!
  33. My heart exploded
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  34. I stayed another hour and a half at the party, drinking eggnog and champagne and eating dessert
  35. There was a giant gingerbread house
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  36. And giant nutcrackers
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  37. It was such a magical night
  38. I'll just continue to use my stepmom's job to seem cool
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    Maybe it'll take me to Hawaii for the president's vacation again