1. Copenhagen
    I went for my 21st birthday with my then-boyfriend. Great food, great atmosphere. And there are bike lines separate from the sidewalks and roads, so I'd feel comfortable riding. There were so many dogs and babies riding in little wooden bike boxes; it was a dream world.
  2. Amsterdam
    My second time here, my family and I stayed a week in a one-bedroom apartment on the Herengracht. It was incredible. It's a beautiful city with such a cool, unpretentious vibe, and it's so easy to get away from all the tourists. Plus, the best meals of my life were in Amsterdam
  3. New York
    New York makes me so happy. It took a few years, but I really feel like the city is home, and I'd love to make my life there. I already have friends and family there, too.
  4. DC
    DC is getting so cool! The food scene is awesome, and it's incredible to be around so many people from so many places. It can be sterile and boring, but that part of the city is getting smaller and smaller.
  5. London
    I go in between loving and hating this city. But if I'm ever able to afford having my future family here, we would have a really great life.
  6. Barcelona
    I've spent about a week here in total, and absolutely loved it. Vibrant, great food, insanely beautiful architecture, and a really good metro.
  7. Atlanta
    Atlanta is the best. I would take my kids to the Fox Theatre every year to see the Nutcracker, I'd live in a little house in Virginia Highlands or Buckhead, I'd shop at Publix
  8. Berlin
    Never been, but I've seen enough House Hunters International to know I'd be right at home there. And all my friends keep telling me it's amazing
  9. Brussels
    Cheaper than Paris and not as full of tourists because it's a little boring. But a little boring can be great for everyday life-- you can just watch Netflix and cook and drink.