I'm a loser
  1. Natalie Portman from Closer
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    Two straight days sewing sequins onto the bra, cutting the fringe, tying the fringe pieces together, sewing the fringe to the bra, etc.
  2. Scarlett O'Hara
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    My mom and I share this costume.
  3. Person from the 1940's
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    Blitz party in London. I bought a period-accurate bra and everything.
  4. Grapes
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    I think I was a sophomore in high school. We just hung out in some girls basement and watched Sleepy Hollow that year.
  5. Geisha
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    The last year I went trick-or-treating. The whole outfit-- kimono, socks, shoes, obi-- came from Japan.
  6. "White Motown singer"
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    What else do you do with that dress?
  7. Rug from Beauty and the Beast
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    Everyone's favorite character
  8. Fortune teller
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  9. Snake in Children of Eden
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  10. Les Mis ensemble
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  11. Cabaret
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    Invest in a good corset; trust me on this.
  12. Jack's mother, Into the Woods
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  13. Person from the 1980's
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    80's night when I was a fresher
  14. Person from the 1990's
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    Another freshers dance
  15. Lady Gaga?
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    Ah yes, the gold leotard I wore on stage in front of my high school...
  16. Alex Delarge
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    There were two other people wearing this costume, and I overheard someone saying the other ones were better than mine.
  17. Very half-assed Twiggy costume
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    Two years in a row
  18. USPS package
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    F for effort, Maggie.
  19. Unintentional mime costume
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  20. Cosette from Les Mis
    Book character day, fourth grade. My mom made my costume and used eyeshadow to make a black eye. I got third place in the whole school.
  21. Flapper
    I had a 1920s themed birthday party in 5th grade. I didn't trust the girls to pick out accurate costumes, so I provided them. I would later use the fringe from my dress for...
  22. Marilyn Monroe
    From The Seven Year Itch. For a 7th grade Catholic school dance. I had a big blonde wig and the dress made me way too aware of my boobs.