I'm a loser
  1. Natalie Portman from Closer
    Two straight days sewing sequins onto the bra, cutting the fringe, tying the fringe pieces together, sewing the fringe to the bra, etc.
  2. Scarlett O'Hara
    My mom and I share this costume.
  3. Person from the 1940's
    Blitz party in London. I bought a period-accurate bra and everything.
  4. Grapes
    I think I was a sophomore in high school. We just hung out in some girls basement and watched Sleepy Hollow that year.
  5. Geisha
    The last year I went trick-or-treating. The whole outfit-- kimono, socks, shoes, obi-- came from Japan.
  6. "White Motown singer"
    What else do you do with that dress?
  7. Rug from Beauty and the Beast
    Everyone's favorite character
  8. Fortune teller
  9. Snake in Children of Eden
  10. Les Mis ensemble
  11. Cabaret
    Invest in a good corset; trust me on this.
  12. Jack's mother, Into the Woods
  13. Person from the 1980's
    80's night when I was a fresher
  14. Person from the 1990's
    Another freshers dance
  15. Lady Gaga?
    Ah yes, the gold leotard I wore on stage in front of my high school...
  16. Alex Delarge
    There were two other people wearing this costume, and I overheard someone saying the other ones were better than mine.
  17. Very half-assed Twiggy costume
    Two years in a row
  18. USPS package
    F for effort, Maggie.
  19. Unintentional mime costume
  20. Cosette from Les Mis
    Book character day, fourth grade. My mom made my costume and used eyeshadow to make a black eye. I got third place in the whole school.
  21. Flapper
    I had a 1920s themed birthday party in 5th grade. I didn't trust the girls to pick out accurate costumes, so I provided them. I would later use the fringe from my dress for...
  22. Marilyn Monroe
    From The Seven Year Itch. For a 7th grade Catholic school dance. I had a big blonde wig and the dress made me way too aware of my boobs.