Fun/romantic/cool DC spots
  1. Rose's Luxury, 8th St SE
    Bon Appétit named it the best new restaurant in America last year. It's deserved. There's also a no reservation policy, so people line up. Alan and I got lucky and showed up at 7:30, put our names on a list, and had a drink nearby while we waited only half an hour for our table! Order the pork and lychee salad and the spicy strawberry spaghetti.
  2. Little Serow, 17th St NW
    Another great place with a no-reservation policy. The doors open at 5:30, so get in line an hour before if you want first seating. It's $49 a person for a 7-course fixed menu-- no substitutions or special requests. It's very spicy northern Thai cuisine and is completely different from any Thai food you've probably ever had. It's very special and worth the wait. I've never had a meal like it before.
  3. Kramerbooks & Afterwords, Connecticut Ave NW
    This bookshop in DC has a cafe and grill in the back, but the bar in my favorite bit. I like to get a spiked coffee and the Goober Pie, then look at the adorable children's books
  4. Le Diplomate, 14th St NW
    This French place is still fairly new and is all the rage right now. Apparently it's hard to get a seat for dinner, so I've only ever been to the bar. I like to spring for a cocktail when I go; the last one I got there was like a raspberry cloud.
  5. Mandu, 18th St NW
    Best kimchi fried rice I've ever had. Also has incredible jap chae. Just such good food in such a nice area.
  6. Buck's Fishing and Camping, Connecticut Ave NW
    I haven't been in a couple years, but from what I remember the food is upscale but homey and the decor is great. I like their sazerac.
  7. Comet Ping Pong, Connecticut Ave NW
    Pizza and ping pong. I went once with a guy from tinder a couple years ago (same guy I went to Buck's with). It was cool, but I feel like it'd be much more fun someone you actually really like and care about. A fun, laid back time.
  8. The Gibson, 14th St NW
    U St isn't my favorite; I feel like it was once up-and-coming but is now just full of basic GW students and other loud, drunk people. But the Gibson is a cool, if a little pretentious, speakeasy behind an unmarked door (the address is 2009) with nice cocktails. I'm sort of over it now, but it's always fun to sneak into a secret bar as the line for the bar next door is snaking around the block.
  9. Ben's Chili Bowl, U St NW
    A DC icon, perfect for grabbing some greasy food on your way home from a night of drinking in U Street. Great milkshakes.
  10. A nighttime walk by the monuments
    The monuments are so much more magical at night. Plus, you avoid the daytime crowds.
  11. Daytime on the Mall: National Gallery, Freer Sackler Gallery, and the Sculpture Garden
    These are my favorite places on the Mall; see the classics at the National Gallery (they have a truly amazing impressionist/post-impressionist collection), some Asian art at the Freer Sackler, then dip your feet in the giant fountain at the sculpture garden
  12. Portrait Gallery, G St NW
    One of my favorites. There are so many wonderful spaces-- the courtyard, the modern wing, the video art room, the storage and folk art hall... You turn a corner and suddenly you're in another breathtaking room. Definitely worth a visit.