1. A few days ago, maybe about four or five, I felt a very localized pain in my ear canal
  2. It felt like a zit. So I assumed it was a zit
  3. I love popping things, so I blindly poked at the painful spot with my popping tool
    I'm an idiot
  4. The pain got worse and less localized
  5. By Sunday evening, it was a constant throbbing pain
    But I drank a lot of wine and tried to ignore it
  6. Monday morning I woke up, and my ear was swollen and my hearing was muffled
  7. I googled "zits in ear"; the advice was to use zit cream
  8. So I dumped a bunch of zit cream in my ear
    This burned and made my ear feel goopy
  9. I went off to rehearsal that night, couldn't hear anyone, could barely hear myself
  10. My friends suggested that my ear could be infected; I insisted it was a zit
  11. I pushed on through rehearsal. The pain just got worse: stabbing, searing, breath-taking
    I allowed myself to consider that maybe I had an ear infection
  12. I called the out-of-hours doctor, ended up playing phone tag
    She wasn't that helpful, and told me to go to the ER or wait to see my GP tomorrow morning
  13. I went to bed around 12h30, woke up at 4h30 FROM THE PAIN OF MY EAR
    I whimpered a bit, took more painkillers, talked to my parents back in the US
  14. At 8 am, I went to my GP and was able to get a 9h30 appointment
    They gave me a cup for a urine sample. Bizarre
  15. Apparently they told the doctor I had a urine problem instead of an ear infection
    So that's why they had me take a urine sample...
  16. The very nice doctor wasn't able to look into my ear because it was basically swollen shut
  17. We tried a second time but it was too painful. From what she was able to see, it was gross!
  18. I have an appointment to see her in three days, after which the swelling hopefully will have gone down
    Because I've been put on amoxicillin (3x a day for 7 days)
  19. My ear is currently so swollen that the side of my face is also puffy
  20. I'm trying to use a hot water bottle, but if I don't get the perfect angle, it's too heavy on my swollen face and ear
  21. If it gets worse before Friday, I'm supposed to go to the hospital immediately
  22. 👍🏼