1. The Obamas
    Twice at two separate White House Christmas parties
  2. Joe Biden
    A few times at different parties at his house
  3. Paul Giamatti
    He was sitting in the window at a restaurant in Fort Greene
  4. Sarah Jessica Parker
    Outside a party on Fashion's Night Out in 2011
  5. Anna Wintour
    I met her and got a signed copy of the 2011 September issue of Vogue at a Fashion's Night Out party
  6. Dwyane Wade
    He met Anna Wintour and got a picture right before I did
  7. Heidi Klum
    This FNO party was a goldmine
  8. Wolf Blitzer
    At the Biden summer party
  9. That Ralph Lauren Polo model
    Once again, FNO 2011, back in my blonde days
  10. Morgan Freeman
    At a restaurant called Le Colonial in Manhattan. I shook his hand and said, "I'm Maggie Locker. I love your work."
  11. Russell Brand
    He just hopped out of a car right in front of my flat in London
  12. That lady from The Killing
    At The Grove in LA
  13. Ted from Chopped
    Also in Fort Greene, just walking along
  14. Will Forte
    After I saw SNL in 2011. He's a really nice guy
  15. Lorne Michaels
    I was sleeping on the street to get standby SNL tickets in 2011 and he came out of 30 Rock. I asked if he was Lorne Michaels and he said yes. Not my best work.
  16. Bill Hader
    He wished me good luck when I was waiting for SNL. Such a NICE. GUY.
  17. Anne Hathaway
    At a restaurant in the Hollywood Hills