1. Electric Cinema
    There are two locations: Notting Hill and Shoreditch. I've only been to the latter, but it was awesome. There's a cool cafe upstairs, coffee, alcohol-- but no standard concession stand. The theatre itself is full of plush armchairs with cashmere blankets; I fell asleep a few times during Spectre.
  2. Rich Mix
    Ugh I love Rich Mix so much-- they play the good stuff, mainstream or independent), serve good drinks and standard sweet & salty popcorn in big bags for a relatively good price. Big screens, comfy seats.
  3. The Roxy
    This is a pub in Southwark with couches, comfy chairs, rugs, and a projector in the back room. They play new and old movies; it's where I saw Life of Pi.
  4. Genesis
    On Whitechapel High Street. This place is cool-- it doubles as a coffee/alcohol bar and plays a mix of older and good mainstream movies. It was also apparently a hangout of the Krays. Only downside are the small screens.
  5. The Gate
    This would have been one of the first things I saw in London when I first came here three years ago. It's right next to Notting Hill Gate station and plays new independent films, as well as older movies and ballets and operas. I've never been in, but have passed it many times.
  6. The Coronet
    When I went here to see Argo, it was a £3 student night. It's a beautiful old theatre with a balcony! Since then it's been taken over by a theatre company and they're doing a massive renovation, but still intend to show movies. It's now known as "The Print Room at the Coronet". Also in Notting Hill.