1. This American Life
    This one's obvious. But in reference to the Doppelgänger episode-- Fred Armisen sounds more like Ira Glass when he's not doing an impression of Ira Glass
  2. 99 Percent Invisible
    This is one of the best ones out there. Saying its a podcast about design really doesn't cover it. Also, definitely naming my son Maslow.
  3. Reply All
    Once again, the description doesn't do it justice. A podcast about the Internet? More like a podcast of great stories that are loosely connected to the Internet. Favorites: The Fever and The Man in the FBI Hat.
  4. The Moth
    People telling stories on stage. You laugh, you cry, you learn to skip all the ones read by self-described poets.
  5. Mortified
    People reading old childhood writings on stage. I used to listen to this one at work, but the faces and sounds I made trying to suppress laughter were worrying people.
  6. Radiolab
    Listen to the update Patient Zero episode-- this is what got my mom into podcasts
  7. Stuff You Missed in History Class
    My favorite of the Stuff podcasts-- not as irritating as Stuff Mom Never Told You, not as rambling as Stuff You Should Know (God love 'em)
  8. Frontline
    The episodes about superbugs will keep you awake at night. And the fact that I like the opening music makes me feel like I'm 60.
  9. Mystery Show
    Incredible-- The host investigates the sort of seemingly impossible to solve mysteries everyone has come across at some point-- best episode: The Belt Buckle