And how I've altered them
  1. Find old plates, paint them with a self-designed crest, serve dinner on them
    Buy unglazed dessert plates, design and use a stencil of our crest, have the plates fired, serve cake on them. Can also serve as wedding favor.
  2. Wedding invitations as magnets so our guests can put them on their fridges
    Save-the-dates as magnets, designed by my cousin. Invitations proper will be a suite designed by my cousin-- this is the majors, Alan
  3. Rehearsal dinner at a movie theatre, rented out. Invites would be custom movie tickets
    Engagement party-- has to be an awesome theatre. And preferably it'd be an older movie, like Tootsie
  4. 3D printed wedding cake toppers
    We'd need to have our outfits and take the pictures separately so he doesn't see the dress, but sure!