1. Are just "one of the guys"
    In other words, girls don't like you. Red flag
  2. "Forget to eat lunch"
    Nope, that's a lie. You have an eating disorder, you skipped a meal on purpose, and you're bragging
  3. Say "we don't do labels" when you ask about the guy they're seeing
    You don't? Or did he tell you HE'S not into being your boyfriend?
  4. "Just orgasm so easily!"
    "I came like five times during sex!" "It can't happen for everyone, don't worry." "I just love blowjobs!" Etc
  5. Play dumb to get boys' attention
    There's a whole chapter on this in Queen Bees and Wannabes
  6. Are self-righteous about their 'activism' that they're only into to look cool
    We're sitting here talking about job hunting and you bring up some typhoon in a country you couldn't even put on a map. Next time you're making out with your boyfriend I'll tell you about the plight of people with albinism in Namibia
  7. Talk about aging like it's a bad thing
    Way to go continuing the idea that women are only valuable when they're young and fuckable
  8. Are the 'other woman' for an extended period of time
    This is specific to my little sister's former au pair, who, for a year, was secretly dating someone who had been dating his girlfriend for five years. Of course the man is also a sleazebag, but it went on for way too long. How can you be a part of that?